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Welcome to EVO Learning Centre!
I am delighted to introduce our learning centre and website to you.

We recognised that there are many learning centre offers various learning programmes in Penang. We will be both glad and proud for you to choose joining the EVO learning family be it for yourself or your children as Evo Learning Centre offers various learning programmes for children and adults. 


We offers weekly classes and organise various holiday activities which allow the EVO learners to enrich themselves. Our learning centre aims to provide a fun learning platform for all ages in different programmes within the community. We want to make sure EVO learners "feel different" coming to the centre for learning and self growth. Hence, we continuously design and upgrade our programme and facilities to meet the need. Our centre's environment sets us apart from conventional way of learning and covers areas which schools may not focus on such as creative learning approach, encourages building of self-esteem and characters building. The programmes and facilities helps to engage the EVO learners at all levels with the aim to close the gap between what is perceived as "learning centre" and what is the "real world" out there as we create an authentic learning experience for all. 


Thank you for visiting our website and you will reap the advantages of our energetic learning centre by being part of EVO learners. 




Lena Gong

Founder & Principal

Mandarin Class & Computer Skills
Our Philosophy

We are a learning centre in Penang island which focuses on learning for all ages starting from 5 to as long as you are still willing to learn. 


Together we make the difference. 

Our History

Previously known as Kidscomp Learning Centre. Since 1 July 2015, the name has changed to EVO Learning Centre however carrying the same mission and vision. 

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