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EvoHolidays (School Holidays Activities)


School Holidays are meant to be fun for the kids! At Evo Learning Centre, we have specially created School Holidays Programmes for children to have fun and learn at the same time! You may refer the activities that we offer and contact us to design a School Holiday Programmes for your kids and their friends. 

Intensive Computer Class (Ages 8 onwards)

Children will learn to create fun projects like, multimedia presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint, learn the basic of spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel, and many more!

Lego Robotics (Ages 7 onwards)

We use Lego Mindstorms/Wedo Educational set as teaching material. It allow students to discover science, technology engineering and maths in a fun and hands-on way. Students learn to design, programme and control robots that carry out life-like automated task. 

Baking Class for Kids
(Ages 7 onwards)

Who says kids can't bake? 

We source for interesting and simple recipes for kids to bake and work out the recipes using Computer Software. 

Art & Craft 
(Ages 7 onwards)

Let your children try something different this time! The Art & Craft classes include sewing, origami, and etc..

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