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About Computer Class


1. I have computer and software at home, can’t my child learn at home?


When children work alone at home, they will tend to stay at the comfortable and easiest level. EVO’s trainer encourages students to explore new challenges and progress through our lessons in a FUN way! Young learners build self-esteem and confidence when they are able to cope with new challenges.



2. We don’t have a computer at home, how can they learn if they can’t  practise at home?


Our weekly classes help to provide continuity in learning. These skills do not need daily practice as we review the same information each week for reinforcement.


3. My child has computer classes in school. Why should I sign up with EVO?


We offer learning in a small group size that involves much individualized attention. Our lessons apply theme-based curriculum that enhance problem solving skills, creativity, social skills and academic skills. 


4. What exactly do you do in class, anyway?


We teach actual computer skills and at the same time we work on academic skill reinforcement. We use project based learning instructional approach that exposes young learners to problem solving skills and to be creative.



5. Technology changes all the time.  Why do we bother as it will be so  different later?

We guide the young learners to feel comfortable with the computer environment and how they can handle technology. Once they have the hands on experience, it helps to work with any changes which might occur in the future.


About Mandarin Class

1. How is EvoMandarin different from other learning centres? 

We teach Mandarin as Second Language to Children and Adults. 

All students will begin from Basic Level (Han Yu Pin Yin) if you do not have any foundation.  In this level, students will be introduced on the Chinese Phonetics (Pronunciation), basic strokes and radicals (Character). 


Once they mastered the basics, they will proceed to the following levels:

Adults - Beginner 1 

Children - Primary/Pre-School 1


2. Myself/my child has learned Mandarin elsewhere for some time, could I start from Primary/Beginner Level?


We are unable to enroll you or your child immediately before you/your child take the assessment test with us. It is a half an hour assessment to test your mastery on the Han Yu Pin Yin, basic strokes and radicals, speaking and understanding. 

3. How is the syllabus like? 


After Basic/Han Yu Pin Yin, students will proceed to next level depending on their age groups. Lessons will be taught by topics and will cover most of the daily activites related ones. Some activities will be added along with the lessons like singing a song, role play, flashcards or presentations. 

4. Is there any homework given?


There are some homeworks given after new topics being introduced. Homeworks are given to help students to practise and master the writing/recognising the characters. 

More questions? Kindly contact us here
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