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Mandarin for Children 

This course promotes Full Mandarin: Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening. 

EvoMandarin Weekly Classes

Age Group: 5 years and above

Class Duration: 1hr / 1.5 hrs 

Class size: Small groups of not more than 3 students per session

Mandarin classes at EVO aims to enable non-chinese schooling children to learn the language during their schooling years. Just like every other parents, we want them to be able to read, write and speak the language when they turn adults. But, little did we realise, it's easier to give up soon when learning gets complex.

Learning a new language is a journey of marathon (not a sprint). It requires constant training/practice and the never give up spirit. This programme is designed for students to learn according to individual pace and learning styles. Slow down when you need, move faster when you are better. Just keep the learning momentum going, they will be proud that they can read, write & speak fluently as young adults later.

Let's give our little ones the right start, the right environment and right programme to learn this extremely useful language next to English.




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