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EvoLearning Club

EvoLearning Club is formed to ease the headaches of many parents who need a place for their children with educational activities and facilities for their day to day learning.


EvoLearning Club Room

There is a EvoLearning Club Room specially arrranged for the children who sign up for this programme. In EvoLearning Club Room, there are tables and chairs for students to do their homework or any other activities. 

Students can do their homeworks given from school in the room. There will be a teacher/tutor randomly going in to check the child's progress and provide guidance if needed. 

A Mini Library Corner consists of story books in English, Mandarin and Malay, dictionary and other types of books also available.

Board Games Corner stores games that help with students' logical thinking and strategies building like Scrabble Words, Puzzles, Chess and many more. 


This programme will commence only in October. If you would like to know more about EvoLearning Club kindly please drop us a message here or call 04-2286106.

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