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FAQs on EvoMandarin




How is EvoMandarin different from other learning centres? 

We teach Mandarin as Second Language to Children and Adults. 

All students will begin from Basic Level (Han Yu Pin Yin) if you do not have any foundation.  In this level, students will be introduced on the Chinese Phonetics (Pronunciation), basic strokes and radicals (Character). 


Once they mastered the basics, they will proceed to the following levels:

Adults - Beginner 1 

Children - Primary/Pre-School 1


Myself/my child has learned Mandarin elsewhere for some time, could I start from Primary/Beginner Level?


We are unable to enroll you or your child immediately before you/your child take the assessment test with us. It is a half an hour assessment to test your mastery on the Han Yu Pin Yin, basic strokes and radicals, speaking and understanding. 

How is the syllabus like? 


After Basic/Han Yu Pin Yin, students will proceed to next level depending on their age groups. Lessons will be taught by topics and will cover most of the daily activites related ones. Some activities will be added along with the lessons like singing a song, role play, flashcards or presentations. 

Is there any homework given?


There are some homeworks given after new topics being introduced. Homeworks are given to help students to practise and master the writing/recognising the characters. 

More questions about Mandarin? Kindly contact us here
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