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Master Basic Mandarin Speaking

in 16 Weeks!

(Adult Group Class)

High level Outline:

🌟Basic Greetings, 
🌟Basic Colours - Primary Colours (Red, Blue, Yellow), "I Like"
🌟Self Intro (my name, where I am from, age)
🌟Days, Weeks, Months
🌟My family (family members, "I have")
🌟Day & Time of the day
🌟Meals, food & drinks
🌟Daily routine: eat, drink sleep, work
🌟Questions (What, Why, When, How), Answers (This is, because) 
🌟Asking, prepositions
🌟Body parts & feelings
🌟Money (Ringgit & Cents)
🌟Places at home
🌟Common adjective (fast, slow, high, low, tall, short, big, small)
🌟Positive & Negative Statements

Group class: Max 10 pax per class
Class Schedule: (on-going weekly class)

Saturday at 9.30-10.30am (online), 10.30-11.30am (physical)

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